Of all the people who have landed here, we like you the most!

Thomas Carter Projects Limited is an independent media production company. We make things — stories, if you like — for all forms of media, live and recorded, and for all kinds of people. The company was founded by Polly Thomas and Gary Carter, who have collaborated since the early 90s, as a vehicle for their own work. Sometimes we collaborate on the same project, and sometimes we work on separate projects.

Our most recent project was 24 Hours of Peace… — the marathon 21st century performance created by Neil Bartlett, live at Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester with simultaneous stream on Resonance FM. See current projects for more information.

Development work has started on our next project, a multimedia staging of a major South African novel, J.M. Coetzee’s IN THE HEART OF THE COUNTRY. This, the Nobel Prize-winning author’s second novel, is a reworking of Colonial tropes about ‘pioneering women’.

The central role will be taken by Belinda Human, an award-winning South African actress of the 80s who will return to the theatre for the first time in some 30 years. Design is by Jane Joyce, with costumes by Shauna Lovisetto. Gary Carter will direct, for Thomas Carter Projects, and Polly Thomas will produce.

Feel free to talk to us. We’re very enthusiastic and friendly.

And, we already like you.