Of all the people who have landed here, we like you the most!

Thomas Carter Projects Limited is an independent media production company. We make things — stories, if you like — for all forms of media, live and recorded, and for all kinds of people. The company was founded by Polly Thomas and Gary Carter, who have collaborated since the early 90s, as a vehicle for their own work. Sometimes we collaborate on the same project, and sometimes we work on separate projects.

We are currently developing audio drama and speech ideas for a range of platforms, including BBC Radios 3 and 4. Thomas Carter Projects is a small company so, with regret, please do not send submissions of any kind — we do not have the capacity to read unsolicited material.

See projects for information on other work.

Feel free to talk to us. We’re very enthusiastic and friendly.

And, we already like you.


TCP works with a Creative Advisory Board to ensure a wide range of perspectives feed into development and production of work of the highest order, fully reflecting the modern world. Current Board members are Shahid Iqbal Khan, Nicola Wildin and Yusra Warsama.