2020   24 Hours of Peace
Resonance FM
2019   24 Hours of Peace
performance + livestream
Royal Exchange Theatre and Resonance FM
More on 24 Hours of Peace >
funded by : Arts Council England, John S Cohen Foundation, Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust, Manchester City Council Arts & Culture, 14-18 NOW
2017   Shout!
Shout! >
funded by : Landlines & Watermarks, Calrec
2016   Adam’s Apple / Hush…?
performance + workshops
LIFT, Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, The Bureau in Blackburn, Winter Gardens in Blackpool, City Centre in Accrington
The Making of Hush…? / Adam’s Apple >
funded by : LIFT, Wellcome Trust, PRS Foundation, Super Slow Way, LeftCoast
2014   Adam’s Apple
development research + workshops
funded by : Wellcome Trust
2007   The Pandora Effect
Chelsea Centre
funded by : Fierce!, Chelsea Centre
2004   Masque of Water
Royal Exchange Theatre, Birmingham Rep, Chelsea Centre
funded by : Queer Up North, Fierce!

Thomas Carter Projects thanks all its main funders and partners since 2004 …

14-18 NOW / Arts Council of England / Calrec / Chelsea Centre / Fierce! / John S Cohen Foundation / Landlines & Watermarks / LeftCoast / London International Festival of Theatre / Manchester City Council Arts & Culture / Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust / PRS for Music Foundation / Resonance FM / Royal Exchange Theatre / Super Slow Way / Queer Up North / Wellcome Trust

14-18 NOW     Arts Council of England     Calrec     Landlines & Watermarks
LeftCoast, Blackpool     LIFT     Manchester City Council     The Super Slow Way
Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust     PRS     Resonance FM     Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester     Wellcome Trust